Tile and Grout Cleaning Georgetown, TX

The Remarkable Results team is ready for your tile and grout cleaning in Georgetown, TX. We use high heat and pressure specifically designed to surgically remove years of foot traffic, spills and grime on your floors. We have experience cleaning tile and grout in all areas of your home including kitchens, dining rooms, entry ways, laundry rooms, bathrooms and even showers. This machine will also sanitize your tile and grout floors for the best deep cleaning imaginable!

Scheduling is easy and you can make a plan for the day. While we perform your tile and grout cleaning in Georgetown, TX you are free to run errands or shop at Wolf Ranch Town Center. If you have a dog then try out the new Bark Park or trail walk the San Gabriel. The highlight of your day will be when you arrive home and see such Remarkable Results!

It’s thrilling for the technicians to see the look in our customer’s eyes when they see their rejuvenated tile and grout. We highly recommend sealing the grout to protect it from staining and ease of future cleaning. This step is usually done later in the day when there is less foot traffic. Won’t it be exciting to enjoy your floors again!

We also service other areas north of Austin, TX including Cedar Park, TX. Leander, TX , Pflugerville, TX and Round Rock, TX.  How much does it cost to get my floors squeaky clean? For general estimation purposes, hard tile and grout cleaning is $.45 per sq. ft. and $.25 to seal it. The average cost for 600 sq. ft. is $270.00 plus sales tax. However, it’s not fun to do the math. We will be happy to have a technician stop by to measure and send you a personalized quote.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 512-990-9279.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Georgetown, TX

Tile and Grout Cleaning Georgetown, TX

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