Tile and Grout Cleaning


Tile and Grout Cleaning

Many modern homes use tile flooring for at least a portion of their house, if not their entire floor. Tile is durable, beautiful and easy to clean compared to carpet floors or hardwood floors, especially when pets live indoors. Tile flooring comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors and patterns, making it common place in almost every kitchen and bathroom. While tile is one of the easiest floors to quickly clean, a professional deep cleaning periodically is important to maintain its beauty and extend tile life. Remarkable Results is capable of providing a thorough and professional tile cleaning services, including grout cleaning and sealing, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our residential tile cleaning service uses a truck mounted system with patented technology for a deep hot water extraction cleaning. When you hire Remarkable Results for cleaning services, we use a combination of high pressure hot water, contained and extracted as quickly as applied, to deep clean your tile and grout. Because they are porous we flush the dirt before extracting it. We use grout and tile specific cleaners that can strip the build-up and the embedded dirt from the grout. Remarkable Results specializes in cleaning tile and grout floors.

tile and grout cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning
tile and grout cleaning - Austin Tx

With special and safe cleaning agents to aid in cleaning the tiles and grout, we are able to remove spills / stains from sources like food, juices, dirt and grime. After our deep clean, your tile floors will be restored to their original glory and beautiful. We also offer an optional sealant to protect your clean floors. After cleaning we can apply our grout sealant in order to maintain the beauty and integrity of your tile floors.

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