Residential Floor Cleaning Services

Whether you need upholstery and carpet cleaning, professional tile and grout cleaning, or natural stone and marble cleaning services, Remarkable Results is there for you. We offer a variety of residential cleaning services. If your natural stone floors have taken on stains from wine spills or pet urine, we can remove the stains and pet odor removal with our natural stone cleaning and polishing. Your stained and dirty tiles are no match for our professional tile cleaning service; your grout won’t be missed by our professional grout cleaning and grout sealing application.

Our carpet cleaners strive to remain on top of the industry with skills and knowledge encompassing a large variety of flooring materials. With years of experience in both real estate and property management as well as carpet, upholstery, stone and tile cleaning, Remarkable Results has trained the most elite team of carpet cleaners in Austin. You’ve never seen a professional carpet cleaning company quite like ours!

With the best carpet cleaners and the best tile and grout cleaners, our cleaning services stand out in the industry. Our cleaning services are both effective and affordable, so don’t wait any longer; try out our amazing cleaning services today!

Principles of Our Floor Cleaning Services

Vacuum and extract dirt

Soil Removal

Until we can eliminate dirt, dust, and grime altogether a highly effective way to get rid of it is to vacuum it up or extract it out. We have a reclamation system to extract dirt just like you do when you use a vacuum cleaner. Therefore we can properly dump the dirt, grime, and cleaning products we remove from your home or business. The main factors in good soil removal cleaning services is the suction or Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) measurements. It is set by the equipment used and the air flow for the particles extracted. For this reason, it is best to have a high CFM value and a clean filter for maximum soil removal.
Cleaning services
Organic cleaning solutions

Soil Suspension

One of the more complicated parts of cleaning which require experience and expertise is soil suspension. Soil suspension is the process used to reverse the attachment of soil from the surface to clean and remove from the premises. Because of this we break down this section even further into four components: temperature, agitation, solution, and time.
These four parts of the cleaning equation are set to reflect certain situations. An example is when there needs to be a lack of warm water (temperature) or limited agitation. This causes other elements of the cleaning equation to compensate for the reduction in another component.
Cleaning services
Scrub spot removal


The best way to clean fabrics is to loosen up the dirt to remove it. A great example of this is your washing machine. Like a washboard your washing machine has an agitation cycle to free up dirt from your clothes. First you apply a prespray solution and then agitate or scrubbed to dislodge the soil from the carpet or rug. A beater brush is a great way to help the cleaning solution break down soluble soil from the fabric.

Cleaning services
Speed carpet drying


There are several factors that can affect drying time including humidity, temperature and air flow. The faster the drying time the better but usually it can take 8-24 hours for completely drying the carper after a good cleaning. A way to reduce drying time is to use fans.

Residential Cleaning Services

Best Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our professional tile and grout cleaners are capable of cleaning many different kinds of tile floors. If you have urine stains, scuff marks, and smudges on your tiles, our professional tile cleaning will remove them for you. Remarkable Results strives to offer you the best tile and grout residential cleaning services possible. Our natural tile and grout cleaner will remove your stains efficiently with absolutely no harm to the tile’s surface or texture. We use the ultimate tile and grout cleaner to thoroughly clean your grout without scraping away any of the mortar so as to keep your tiles firmly secured.

Let Remarkable Results clean your tiles to restore their color and luster. Once we’ve finished with the professional tile cleaning, we will protect it with a proper grout sealing for maximum longevity and stain prevention. You can rest assured your tiles are in good hands and we will perform a comprehensive tile and grout cleaning to removing every bit of dirt and stain from your floors. Our professional tile and grout cleaners are ready to rejuvenate your floor, so let them provide you with our amazing tile and grout cleaning service. Your home is only a call away from shining like new.

Residential Furniture Cleaning Services

Inexpensive Upholstery Cleaning

Remarkable Results excels at upholstery cleaning just as well as carpet cleaning. We strive to cover all aspects of a diligent cleaning service. Our upholstery cleaners are skilled at removing stains and extracting deeply embedded dirt and microbes for a fresh, clean finish. If you haven’t had your upholstery cleaned in the last year, then it is highly advised you do so. Pet hairs, dust mites, dirt, and bacteria can cling onto your upholstery. Unclean upholstery is a leading cause of in-house allergies, especially pet-related allergies. It is always beneficial to clean upholstery at least twice a month, and to have a professional upholstery cleaning done at least one time each year.

Residential Furniture Cleaning Services

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