Do It Yourself cleaning solutions

Curious customers often ask if they need to replace their grout or if they should stain it. Unless you hate your floors, our good deep grout cleaning solutions will do the trick.

Cleaning SolutionsIt’s much more cost efficient to have your grout professionally cleaned rather than trying the do-it-yourself cleaning solutions.

Remarkable Results uses a high powered machine that cleans practically effortlessly and is even too much of an investment for a commercial client to own. The high heat and pressure is specifically designed to surgically remove the years of foot traffic, spills and the nasty build up on your floors.

Why trust our Cleaning Solutions?

Our skilled cleaners along with our specialized equipment will clean and also sanitize your tile while lifting the dirt from the grout in your floors for the best deep cleaning imaginable!

Cleaning Solutions The best way to keep your investment in tip top shape is to seal your grout with a protective sealer. If staining or waxing seams appealing to you, think again!

Going over the top of dirt doesn’t allow the staining to set within the surface and will come off where ever the dirt was on the floor when cleaning it later. The places in your floor that didn’t have grime will soak in the porous grout and be difficult for even a professional to remove.

That leaves your floors blotchy and becomes very frustrating for you, the owner. Another thing we see a lot is, when a tile or two have been replaced and the grout was matched to the dirty grout. When it’s professionally cleaned the difference is obvious!

Contact Remarkable Results and Try our Cleaning Solutions

Give us a call at 512-990-9279 and we will clean your grout with our high pressured rinse and extract all of the dirt from your floors. Our process will provide complete sanitation of your floors and get them in a perfect state to seal the grout with a protective sealant that will protect your floor for years to come.