Common Myths about  Carpet Cleaning

MYTH #1: All methods of cleaning  are equal.

Wrong. The method of cleaning used on your carpet is the most important factor on how clean your carpet gets, how healthy for your family your carpet is and how long your carpet ultimately lasts.

There are  two basic methods used to clean carpet. One is the dry cleaning method which consists of the use of dry powders or foams. This method’s best feature (your carpet never gets wet so it doesn’t need time to dry) is also it’s biggest drawback. Dry cleaning tends to leave a lot of dirt and residues in your carpet because your carpet is not rinsed in any way. Imagine washing your dishes with a dry chemical powder and then “rinsing” them by vacuuming them. The best, most effective way of cleaning carpets is method number 2: hot water extraction.

Most carpet manufacturers including the world’s largest manufacturer of carpeting, Shaw Industries, recommend the hot water extraction method as the preferred method of carpet cleaning.  In this method, high pressure is used to force a hot water cleaning solution into your carpet. The hot water is then sucked back out effectively removing dirt and pollutants from your carpet. The main reason this method works better is because the water is heated to a high temperature that easily breaks up the dirt, pollens, pollutants and bacteria in your carpet. The next step involves using high powered suction to extract or remove this grime from every part of your carpet. Hot water extraction performed by trained technicians with a truck mounted unit is like a deep cleaning and massage for your carpet.


Carpet cleaning myths

MYTH #2: Don’t have your carpet cleaned too often.

Wrong. Carpet cleaning on a regular basis will serve to make your carpeting last longer and your home to be healthier.  Every 6 months you should hire a professional carpet cleaning company like Remarkable Results to do a hot water extraction cleaning. This is typically required for most carpet warranties.

There are at least three major benefits to regular cleaning:

1.)  Your carpet will look great.

2.)  Your carpet will last longer.


3.)  You and your family will enjoy a healthier indoor environment.


MYTH #3 All carpet cleaning companies are basically the same, so I should just go with the lowest price.

If you found our site by searching, “cheap carpet cleaning Austin,” sorry to disappoint you, but we don’t provide cheap carpet cleaning services (at least that’s not what we would call them). Remarkable Results only provides the absolute best carpet cleaning service in Austin at a reasonable and competitive price. The reason we don’t advocate cheap carpet cleaning is because it implies poor regards towards our cleaning services, which we don’t tolerate. Our professional carpet cleaning services are completed with dedication, and we will always do a thorough carpet cleaning. We don’t cut corners, and we don’t overcharge.

We train our cleaners to be the best carpet cleaners in Austin. Our steam cleaners will remove any embedded dirt and dust mites from your carpets and return their color and softness. With the industry’s finest carpet cleaning machines, our carpet cleaners can extract the dirt, hair, dust mites, and bacteria from your carpets. Trust our carpet cleaning experts with your home and you won’t be disappointed. Let Remarkable Results take care of all of your carpet cleaning demands and give your home the facelift it needs. Our carpet cleaning services can handle any carpet and will always produce remarkable results.


myths about carpet cleaning

MYTH #4 I can do just as good a job with one of those do-it-yourself rental machines.

Wrong. The problem with the machines that you can rent at the local supermarket or hardware store is that they don’t get the water hot enough to truly get your carpet deeply cleaned, and they don’t have the suction power to fully remove the dirt and grime from your carpet.  This leaves dirt and grime behind.  It’s like getting your dishes soapy, then letting them dry without removing all of the food.  A rental machine costs roughly $300. A professional portable machine costs at least $1,200, and most cleaners typically spend nearly $18,000 for a professional truck mount unit. Which of these systems do you think does a better job? The other question to ask yourself is “How much is my time worth?” Do you really want to try and save a few dollars by going out, renting equipment, learning how to use it, doing the actual work, then cleaning up and taking the equipment back, then do it all over again a few months later because you didn’t get the quality clean of a professional cleaner? Let us save you time and money by getting remarkable results every time.

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