Floor Cleaning Services

Remarkable Results provides professional floor cleaning services for residential homes and businesses.

Floor Cleaning Services

We use professional equipment on a truck mounted system to provide the most remarkable floor cleaning services in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas.

The main goal is to keep out or remove the dirt and grime from your home or business. This will provide a clean and healthy atmosphere for your family, clients, or employees.

The Components of Suspension

Steam Cleaning, Hot Water Extraction


Temperature is a great way to speed up the cleaning process but can be a double edge sword. It is critical to know your fabric and fiber types, dyes, paints, stain, and floor finishes to determine the best cleaning temperature to use. An increase in temperature of 18 degrees F over 118 degrees F will double the speed of the cleaning process. Generally hotter is better for cleaning except where heat will cause a negative reaction to the article or finish to clean. For example, heat can cause some fabrics to shrink or some fiber dyes or stains to bleed or fade.

Cleaning services
Organic Cleaning Solution

Solution Action

Like the cleaning wheel indicates each of the four cleaning suspension components should be of equal portions; one quarter each. The quality of your cleaning solution has an impact on the cleaning result. A good professional or high grade cleaning product is best. If you use a lower quality cleaning product you must increase the other three principle components in equal parts. This will help make up the cleaning difference.

Cleaning services
Time Cleaning, Time Drying


Each cleaning solution or chemical needs time to work. Each product needs a little different amount of time to begin to breakdown the soil. It is usually best to use the cleaning solution as a prespray and allow 5-15 minutes for it to dwell. This usually is ample time for the soil to detach from the fabric to remove and rinse it.

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