Carpet Cleaning

Residential Service Packages

Below is a list of carpet cleaning service packages we offer for your home at Remarkable Results. If you don’t see something you are searching for or need then please contact us. We can discuss other carpet cleaning service we offer!

Standard Carpet Cleaning

$0.27/sq. ft.
  • Furniture Moving
  • Furniture will be carefully moved and replaced on special protectors to prevent rust or furniture stains so you don’t have to and your surface is safe.

  • Pre‑Treatment
  • Carpets will be treated with special cleaning agents to break down and suspend difficult soils prior to extraction so we can achieve remarkable results.

  • Heavy Duty Hot Water Extraction
  • Suspended soils will be quickly flushed away out of your carpet and your home by our hot water extraction process. Carpets will be left clean, bright and without damage or soil attracting residues.

  • Final Finishing
  • We’ll carefully analyze the pile of your carpet (type, length, texture etc) for maximum appearance, softness and rapid drying unique to your carpet. This means your carpet will be left with a beautiful, finished look!

  • Speed Drying
  • While we’re carpet cleaning, we’ll set up commercial air moving equipment to get carpets as dry as possible before we leave! Normally carpets will be quite dry before we leave, but will require several hours additional drying time before use.

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Deluxe Carpet Cleaning

$0.36/sq. ft.
  • Professional Vacuuming
  • A heavy‑duty commercial vacuum will remove dry, abrasive, gritty, fiber damaging soils so your carpet can get the deepest level of clean.

  • Spotting
  • Special spotting agents will remove any difficult or persistent spots.

  • Sanitizing Deodorizer
  • Carpets will be treated with a sanitizing deodorizer to help remove germs and pet odors. Carpets will be clean, sanitary and smelling as clean as they look!

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Premium Carpet Cleaning

$0.60/sq. ft.
  • Deluxe Services Package + PLUS
  • All standard and deluxe service package cleaning items plus these additional benefits, will give you the ultimate cleaning experience.
  • Baseboard Cleaning
  • When we move your heavy furniture, we’ll also clean the dust and soil from exposed baseboards!

  • 3M Scotchgard Protection with Warranty
  • We’ll apply genuine 3M Scotchgard Protector to your carpet for maximum spill and soil protection. And, you’ll have the extra benefit of a one year protection warranty!

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Carpet Cleaning

Stay Beautiful Program

Ask About Our Stay Beautiful Program!

Greatly Improved Appearance Level – Most people wait until they “just can’t stand” their carpets due to filth and general ugliness.  Then they call us!  With the “Stay Beautiful” program your home sparkles ALL the time.

Carpeting Wears Longer – Since fiber-cutting grit’s removed on a regular basis, your carpets will last longer and look better.

—  Pre-scheduled Maintenance – You’ve got a hectic schedule … and you still have to care for your home.  The Stay Beautiful Program just plain makes your life easier.

Excellent Value – The Stay Beautiful Program saves money… and your carpets look great.. ALL the time.

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