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Anti-slip tile service is an option for your tile floors!

Remarkable Results offers an affordable anti-slip tile service in Georgetown, TX and surrounding areas. Don’t wait for an accident and THEN discover it was preventable! We offer a very affordable anti-slip tile service to increase tile slip resistance. Prevent slips and falls before someone is injured!

Not only do we provide excellent floor cleaning services in central Texas, but we also offer an anti-slip tile service to make your tile floors extremely safe as well.

Notice almost every home area with water used on a daily basis has tile floors? Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or other water-heavy areas use tile flooring because of its natural ability to prevent floor damage with excessive water. However, tile becomes slippery when wet and this leads to minor accidents, or even disastrous injuries. Depending on a fall, obstacles hit on your way down and your age, broken bones become a dangerous possibility in your own home.

Broken bones are painful and expensive to fix, especially if an injury causes time away from work. Healing also never returns you to 100%, so why take the risk? By using our anti-slip tile service, you can prevent accidents and significantly reduce your risk. This is particularly important for aged individuals. Be extra cautious to avoid injuries. Our primary objective is to offer you an affordable, safe service.

See the Difference Below!



Anti-Slip Tile Service vs Tile Coating

Anti-Slip Tile Service Georgetown TXOne of the questions we get most is, “Do you apply an anti-slip tile coating to my tile floors?” The short answer is no, we don’t add a non-slip coating to your tile floors. Our process is different and for good reasons. A typical “non-slip tile coating” product will be adding something onto your tile, which means over time it may damage or leave residue, erode off your tile floors (faster in high traffic or frequently used spaces), and possibly leave harmful chemicals on your floors which is especially worrisome for parents and pet owners.

So how does Remarkable Results make your tile floors slip resistant without adding an anti-slip tile coating? Let’s explain our process in a bit more detail:


1. Deep Clean – We first perform a professional tile cleaning to extract dirt/hair/residue from your tile and grout floors, using our truck mounted system and contained pressure hot water extraction. It’s important to start our process with the cleanest surface possible.

2. Apply Gel – Our second step is to apply our product that contains tiny micro gel packets on your tile floors. These gel packets cause non-visible micro holes, or “micro fissures” in the tile, that aren’t apparent to the naked eye. The reason for this is to improve the tile friction levels, allowing more grip for your feet to prevent slipping on wet floors. Don’t be scared! This does NOT damage or reduce the life of your tile floors.

3. Remove Gel – After the micro pockets have been made, we perform another water extraction to remove all of the micro gel packets from your tile floors. We can also measure the friction levels before and after application. If your friction levels are enough to prevent slipping on wet floors then the process is complete!

4. Repeat – Depending on the type of tile you have, steps 2 and 3 may be repeated up to 3 or 4 times. This is usually only needed on slick porcelain or ceramic tile floors that have no texture allowing for foot traction on the tile.

5. Maintain – Because our process is permanent for the life of the tile, you won’t need to reapply non-slip coatings like with other products. However, over time the micro pockets allowing for friction and traction may fill in with dirt/oils/spills etc, which only requires another professional tile cleaning from Remarkable Results. Our hot water extraction method will remove anything filling the micro pockets and keep your tile floors slip resistant for a long time.

Don’t be fooled by companies selling “do it yourself non-slip tile coating” or other anti-slip tile coating services. Keep your tile floors clean and natural with increased slip resistance by using Remarkable Results to professionally and permanently make your tile floors slip resistant. Why take the risk of adding chemical products to your home floors and possibly causing damage or harm? Our anti-slip tile service is affordable and permanent!

Why Choose Remarkable Results?

Offering a comprehensive solution
Remarkable Results offers everything you need to maintain your floors, but we specialize in tile. We offer an affordable tile and grout cleaning followed by our anti-slip tile treatment to help prevent slips or falls. We highly recommend areas that frequently involve water or drinks, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Our anti-slip solution is essential for tile floor bathrooms and kitchens. We are a comprehensive solution for tile and grout cleaning, tile sealing, non slip tile treatment and regular maintenance!


Advantages of anti slip tile floors
Call it “Murphy’s Law” or call it life, but accidents happen unexpectedly. By taking precautions, injury causing incident risks can be reduced or altogether avoided. Our anti-slip tile service gives you more traction and less accidents. Without the slip protection, wet tiles can become dangerous and a mishap can happen anytime. Remarkable Results can clean your tile floors so they look new again before applying our anti slip tile process to make tile floors safe. Avoid slipping, prevent injury and move around in your home with ease. While we believe anyone could (should) use our anti-slip tile treatment, it’s a service especially suited for the retirement community or homes for the elderly.
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  • Safety – Slip resistant tile floors makes walking much safer for all and provides peace of mind for elderly residents. Why risk the safety of yourself or loved ones when it’s fast, easy, and affordable to prevent slips? Safety is one of our primary concerns! We use a unique anti-slip tile service process, safely using home-safe products, all so you can have a much safer living condition for family.
  • Cost-effective – We make significant efforts to make the flooring solutions cost-effective. We know you have a tight budget and everything must fit into that budget. The advanced anti slip tile service is cost-effective and you don’t have to break the bank or budget to get this added protection. If you don’t believe us, get a free quote today and see what we mean! We GUARANTEE we are cheaper than a hip replacement.
  • Easy Maintenance – Once you make your tile floors slip resistant, extra effort is not required to maintain the floor. People of the retirement community will simply love this feature, as they don’t have to work hard every day to clean tile floors. Eventually you will need another professional tile cleaning, but with our Stay Remarkable program, it won’t be an issue.

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