Remarkable Results Owners Eric and Brandon

Remarkable Results – Family Owned and Operated

Brandon Miles

Co-Founder / Owner

“Hi, my name is Brandon Miles and I co-founded Remarkable Results with my father Eric in 2010. My wife and I had only been married for 1 year and she also worked two jobs to help support my crazy idea! Just two months later my wife and I find out there will be an addition to our little family. We now have a son and daughter just 15 months apart and my wife is able to stay home with our little ones. Remarkable Results understands the importance of family, so we take extra care in our work and can’t wait to meet your family!

Eric Miles

Co-Founder / Owner

I worked alongside my father as a teenager. It was a great blessing to be able to start a business and work alongside my son Brandon by co-founding Remarkable Results llc with him. We have had a lot of ups and downs and have met a lot of wonderful people and families. There’s nothing better than seeing their faces after we have completed our remarkable cleaning job.”

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